Additional Certification Requirements

You can download MC3-Certified Mediator Qualifications in order to track your fulfillment of each component required by MC3.

Each MC3-Certified Mediator must satisfy the 3 components that comprise MC3-Certified Mediator Qualifications.  A Summary Overview of these qualifications can be found here.  However, as MC3 is built on a professional model for mediators, there are other requirements to be a MC3-Certified Mediator.  Those additional requirements include:

  • A minimum three hours litigation nuts and bolts training course for those candidates who do not have a law background or have not had the experience in mediating litigated cases
  • A 5-year background check to ensure compliance with MC3’s Background Check Policy.

Agreement to a MC3 Grievance Procedure to ensure compliance with the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators and the California Rules of Court (primarily Title 3. Civil Rules, Division 8. Alternative Dispute Resolution) in litigated cases.