Apply For MC3 Certification

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Welcome to MC3 Mediator Application Process!

The following information is provided to help facilitate your application process:

First, we recommend downloading and filling out, for your own review, the MC3-Certified Mediator Qualifications. Applicants who have taken the time to compete this step often find the application process to be much more efficient.

Second, be advised that the MC3 certification program will include the following requirements not listed on the MC3-Certified Mediator Qualifications:

Third, when you start the application process, you will be directed to register with a 3rd party program created by Survey Monkey. You will create an MC3/SurveyMonkey account to use for filling out the application online and any subsequent log ins required for completion of the entire process. The MC3/SurveyMonkey account will be used for completing online forms for the three Parts of the process and document uploads.

Part I

Start the application process (click "Apply Here" below) by registering with SurveyMonkey and filling out the online application for Part I. This is an extensive online application form that requires the following information:

  • Applicant’s Identification Information (name, address, email, contact, licenses).
  • Transcripts, certificates, letters, and other document applicant’s fulfillment of the MC3 Mediator QualificationsC3-Certified Mediator Qualifications.

A fee will be charged in order to submit Part I of the application. Click here to view MC3 fees.

Part II

Once applicants are notified they have satisfied the requirements for Part I they can begin Part II.
Part II includes the following:

  • Proof of completion of Mediation Ethics Training,
  • Proof of completion of “Nuts & Bolts” Litigation Training or an exemption, and
  • MC3 Background Check
  • that requires you to agree to a 5 year background review and payment of a fee. Click here to view MC3 fees.

IMPORTANT: PART IIA WILL REQUIRE YOU TO PRODUCE A CERTIFICATE SHOWING THAT YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE DISTANCE LEARNING COURSE ON MEDIATOR ETHICS OFFERED BY THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURT.  Taking this course will also completely satisfy your 1.5 hours of mediation ethics training necessary to fulfill the Professional Activity and Continuing Professional Development Component of your application.  The course is free, and you may want to complete it prior to starting the application process because it satisfies both the requirements of Part I and Part II.  The link to the course is here: Distance Learning Course on Mediator Ethics

Part III

Once applicants have been notified they have satisfied the requirements for Part II they may begin Part III. This part is a short online form for the applicant’s agreement to the MC3’s terms, conditions, and grievance policies.

An applicant will have the flexibility to log in repeatedly after creating an MC3/SurveyMonkey account.

The email address is provided for applicants to communicate with MC3 regarding any application questions, issues, or concerns.