Accepted Education Providers

Accepted and Recognized
Education Providers

The organizations listed immediately below produce training and other continuing education programs that enhance the practice of mediation and are working directly with MC3 to ensure that applicants understand the value of becoming a MC3-Certified Mediator. If an educational provider would like to be recognized and linked to our website, contact us at

Accepted Education Providers

The following are additional accepted education providers that produce training and other continuing education programs that enhance the practice of mediation:

  • American Bar Association - Dispute Resolution Section [AB100]
  • Association of Attorney-Mediators; Texas Mediator Credentialing Association [MS100]
  • Centinela Youth Services [OC100]
  • Desert Bar Association [OD100]
  • Fairfield Center in Harrisonburg, VA [OF100]
  • Harvard Law School [OH100]
  • Judicial Council – Administrative Office of the Court (California) [OJ100]
  • Mediators Beyond Boarders International [MB100]
  • Mosten-Guthrie 12 Hour Advanced Training [GM100]
  • Riverside County Bar Association [OR100]
  • Society of Mediators (London) The Center for Non-Violent Communication [ML100]
  • Southern California Family Mediation Inc. [SC100]
  • State Bar of Arizona [AZ100]
  • State Bar of California [OS100]
  • Texas Mediator Credentialing Association TMCA [OT 100]
  • University of La Verne, College of Law - Law 546 [LV100]

Applicants must complete a minimum 20 hours of training in programs that enhance the practice of mediation during the 5 years preceding their application, and MC3-Certified Mediators have a continuing obligation for those 20 hours every 3 years after their certification. The list above is for guidance only, and represents those organizations active MC3-Certified Mediators have utilized. Applicants may make use of other training organizations to fulfill their training requirements and, as accepted, they will be added to the above list.