What is an MC3-Certified Mediator?

MC3-Certified Mediators are mediation professionals with extensive education, experience, and training that allows them to assist disputants at the highest level. Learn more about what distinguishes MC3-Certified Mediators by clicking below.

Why Hire an MC3-Certified Mediator?

MC3 Certification provides greater professionalism and legitimacy to the mediation profession. Parties working with MC3-Certified Mediators have the assurance that their mediators are experienced and committed to ethical practice. Learn more by clicking below.

MC3-Certified Mediator Directory

Looking for an MC3-Certified Mediator? Search our database of MC3-Certified Mediators to help you identify and hire the professionals who have the experience most suited for your specific needs. Start your search by clicking below.

File a Complaint with MC3

MC3-Certified Mediators commit to perform their work following the highest professional and ethical standards. Nevertheless, should you have a problem or complaint, MC3 is happy to follow up with you to address your concerns. Contact us by clicking below.