Adopt MC3 Certification

Operate a mediation panel? MC3-Certified Mediators are highly trained, abide by ethical codes, have background checks and we’ll handle complaints so that you can focus on resolving conflict.

MC3-Certified Mediators bring a standard that all mediation panels—whether affiliated with a California court or not—can stand behind and welcome.

Should you be interested in considering adopting the MC3 certification standard for your panel, please contact us. MC3 staff will work with you in considering all pertinent and practical considerations of adopting and transitioning to our best-in-field standard.

Education and Training

The education component is met through experience in several specific areas including: mediation-specific training from organizations acceptable to MC3, the completion of the distance learning course on mediation ethics, as well as a litigation nuts-and-bolts training course that includes legal terminology, litigation processes, rules, and procedures.

Compliance with Ethical Standards

MC3-Certified Mediators agree to abide by the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators adopted by the American Arbitration Association, the American Bar Association, and the Association for Conflict Resolution as well in a litigated case, Rules of Court applicable to mediators in the jurisdiction where a case is filed. Example for a case filed in California: California Rules of Court applicable to mediators.

Professional Activity and Continuing Professional Development

This requirement can be met through a variety of activities including: education and training that enhances the practice of mediation, membership in professional societies, published articles or conference presentations, awards for professional contributions to the field, teaching in qualified university or other qualified forums and providing mediation support and/or ancillary activities with a mediator provider organization.

Mediation Experience

Applicants must show proof of mediations and also demonstrate a significant amount of hours and activity in mediation support and/or ancillary activities acceptable to MC3, such as mediation observations, case management, case intake, or the convening of facilitations, conciliations, mentoring, and peer mediation.

Background Check

MC3 will provide initial and ongoing background checks of all mediators. We are committed to certifying mediators who have the requisite experience and education, and whose background demonstrates trustworthiness.

Quality Assurance

MC3 is committed to maintaining a professional standard of conduct and behavior for all MC3-Certified Mediators. In the event that there are concerns about the behavior of an MC3-Certified Mediator, complainants will have a forum where parties can be heard, concerns can be raised, and complaints can be investigated. Our grievance process is committed to impartiality and fairness for all parties with the specific goal of establishing and maintaining a gold standard of behavior for all MC3-Certified Mediators.