Overview of Qualifications

Certification Qualifications

You can download the MC3 Mediator Qualifications in order to track your fulfillment of each component required by MC3.

Additional Certification Requirements

In addition to satisfying MC3-Certified Mediator Qualifications you must also complete additional Certification Requirements.

Becoming MC3-Certified

Prior to becoming a MC3-Certified Mediator, candidates must establish that they have qualifications in three different areas:

  1. Education and Training,
  2. Mediation Experience, and
  3. Professional Activity and Continuing Professional Development.

Education and Training Component

MC3-Certified Mediators must have completed 80 hours in Educational and Training activities that give the most emphasis to degrees achieved in conflict resolution and mediation courses completed.  Candidates will also be required to complete the Distance Learning Course on Mediator Ethics offered by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Mediation Experience Component

MC3-Certified Mediators must demonstrate that they have mediated a minimum of 30 hours and have a combined minimum of 50 hours of experience in mediation and mediation support activities.

Professional Activity and Continuing Professional Development Component

MC3-Certified Mediators must be engaged in Professional Activity and Continuing Professional Development.  While these activities are focused on continuing education and training in the field and mediating, they can also include a number of mediation related activities, including:

  • Membership in professional societies or organizations relevant to mediation
  • Published mediation articles or conference presentations relevant to mediation
  • Awards for professional contributions to mediation
  • Teaching mediation courses
  • Mediation Support and/or ancillary activities.