Nuts-and-Bolts Course Content

Requirements for Nuts-and-Bolts Course

Course Learning Objectives:

A successful nuts-and-bolts course will ensure candidates learn the following:

  1. Terms associated with the litigation process; see Glossary of Legal Terminology below;
  2. Distinctions between federal and state court actions; jurisdiction generally;
  3. The different phases of a civil lawsuit, with focus on discovery and potential motions that could be brought;
  4. Special statutes that affect the mediation process and settlement, including but not limited to CC § 1542, CCP § 664.6, and CCP § 998; and
  5. Confidentiality and the California Evidence Code, including but not limited to, EC § 703.5 and § 1115–1129.
Glossary of Legal Terminology

Answer, appeal, appearance, brief, Commissioner, complaint, continuance, costs, cross-complaint, damages, default, defendant, demurrer, de novo, deposition, discovery, dismissal, disposition, injunction, in propria persona (pro per or self- represented), judge pro tempore, judgment, jurisdiction, liable, Limited Jurisdiction, litigant, mitigation, motion, notice, party, petition, plaintiff, proof of service, recuse, respondent, response, stay, stipulation, summary judgment, Unauthorized practice of law.