MC3's Comment on California Legislation AB 924

Posted on June 20, 2023

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MC3 Response to CA AB924MC3’s Comment on California Legislation AB 924

We know many of you are following the proposed legislation in California known as AB 924, which proposes, among other things, State Bar oversight of complaints about mediators. MC3 vigorously opposes this legislation and believe issues with mediators are adequately handled through the process currently utilized by MC3 and the California courts. We encourage you to learn more about this proposed legislation, and for your information, we have linked to the full text below.

Dear Honorable Assembly and Senate Members:

MC3 commends the Legislature for its desire to protect Californians from unethical attorneys. What Thomas Girardi did is appalling. How the State Bar responded is devastating. But Assembly Bill 924 (AB 924) is not the solution because it fails to address the problem it seeks to solve and inappropriately relies on the State Bar—the institution that failed to stop Mr. Girardi’s misconduct—to regulate the conduct of non-attorneys.

Read the full text of our comment: MC3 Comment on CA AB 924 (PDF)