Approved Courses

Nuts and Bolts Litigation Course for Mediators

One of the requirements to become an MC3-Certified Mediator is completion of a minimum 3 hours litigation nuts and bolts training course for those candidates who do not have a law background or have not had the experience in mediating litigated cases. The training must be from a single training provider (the provider may be the same one used to satisfy the requirement for a program that covers the basics in how to conduct mediator (see below) or it may be a different provider who’s curriculum includes legal terminology, litigation processes, rules and procedures.

Approved Nuts and  Bolts Litigation Course for Mediators

The Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) and presenter Mark Lemke, Esq are providing this online/on-demand course on Litigation Nuts and Bolts Training for Mediators. this program has been approved by MC3 as meeting its requirement for a litigation nuts and bolts program.

If applicants believe they have fulfilled the MC3 litigation nuts and bolts requirement through another provider, not the SCMA course listed above, they will need to submit both their completion certificate and appropriate syllabi or other evidence of course content.

Mediation Courses

MC3 has approved the following mediation courses as satisfying its requirement for a program that covers the basics in how to conduct mediation. Applicants satisfactorily completing these courses may use their completion certificate alone as proof of having completed this requirement when applying for MC3 Certification.

If an applicant has completed a mediation course that is not listed below but that the applicant believes meets the Core Content required by MC3, the applicant will be required to submit both their completion certificate and appropriate syllabi or other evidence of course content. As additional mediation courses are approved, they will be added to this list.

Approved Mediation Courses

The providers of the training courses listed immediately below are working directly with MC3 to ensure that applicants understand the value of MC3-Mediator Certification. If a mediation training provider would like to have its course approved and linked to our website, contact us at

If you are looking for a mediation training that will be consistent with MC3 standards, click on the links below to learn more information about upcoming approved course offerings.

Marin County:

Orange County:

San Diego County:

Certificates from the providers below will also be accepted without additional documentation to verify content. These trainings have been utilized by previous MC3 applicants or are known in the community to include the Core Content and will also meet MC3 requirements.

  • American Institute of Mediation: Mediating Commercial and Litigated Cases
  • California State University, Dominguez Hills: 100-hour Certificate Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (2014–2016)
  • California State University, Northridge: 100-hour Certificate Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (2009-2014)
  • City of Norwalk: 40-Hour Dispute Resolution Training
  • Ken Cloke: Mediation Training
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association: 40-Hour Mediation Training, or its predecessor operated under Dispute Resolution Services and the Center for Civic Mediation
  • National Conflict Resolution Center: The Theory and Practice of Mediation
  • Pacific Coast University: 30-Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • Pepperdine University, Straus Institute: Mediating the Litigated Case
  • The Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution: 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • Ventura Center for Dispute Resolution: Conflict Resolution Training
  • Waymakers: 40-Hour Mediation Training
  • Quinnipiac Center on Dispute Resolution: 40-hour of Instruction in Mediation
  • Los Angeles County Department of Consumer & Business Affairs 150- hour Practical Mediation Training
  • US District Court, Central District of CA ADR 7 hour Mediation Training Program
  • Pepperdine University, Straus Institute: Environmental & Public Policy Dispute Resolution 28 hour Training Program