MC3's Comment on California Legislation SB 940

Posted on April 22, 2024

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MC3 Response to CA SB 940MC3’s Comment on California Legislation SB 940

We know many of you are following the proposed legislation in California known as SB 940. MC3 Mediator Certification, Inc. (MC3) strongly supports legislation establishing procedures for the voluntary certification of mediators. However, MC3 has some concerns and suggestions about how Senate Bill 940 might accomplish this laudable goal. In recognition of the Senate Committee policies regarding qualified support and opposition, MC3 therefore opposes this bill.

“Dear Chair Umberg, Vice-Chair Wilk, and Members of the Judiciary Committee:

MC3 is a California non-profit corporation organized in 2015 to promote user and public confidence in the mediation process by setting standards for mediator training, education, and ethics, and by maintaining those standards through its voluntary certification program. (Additional information about MC3’s mission and history can be accessed at MC3’s comments specifically address certification of mediators because that is our area of expertise and activity. However, many of our comments may apply equally to certification of arbitrators and other types of ADR providers.”

Read the full text of our comment: MC3 Comment on California SB 940 (PDF)