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Lynn Johnson

In Memory of Lynn JohnsonLynn Johnson served as the executive director and technology advisor for MC3 Mediator Certification, Inc. (“MC3”) from November 2019 until he passed away unexpectedly on the night of January 29, 2023. Lynn volunteered many years for several mediation organizations in California and Oregon, mediating hundreds of cases and completing over 150 hours of mediation training. Lynn transitioned to mediation after a career in statistics, research, computer technology, and consulting, looking for an application of his softer science skills. His mediation study and practice ranged from basic mediation to court-connected and community mediation to parent-and-teen and restorative-justice environments. He made a permanent, positive impact on the lives of the many people whose problems he mediated. As the executive director of MC3, Lynn helped create the applicant portal and put in place systems and processes that govern MC3’s day-to-day operations. He leaves big shoes to fill and a tremendous hole in the hearts of all of us at MC3. We have all benefited from knowing him and will miss him dearly.

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MC3 Remembrances

Jack Goetz, President:

“Lynn was humble beyond belief and an extraordinary person. He cared so much for those in need, and that was part of his impetus to be a mediator. He was exceptionally talented and was a key consultant and contributor for a number of organizations domestically and internationally. And those of you at MC3 know, all too well, what he did for us—we would not be here today without him.”

Henry Alfano, Vice President:

“Lynn’s passing is a terrible loss for MC3, the mediation profession, and for me personally. Lynn was passionate, devoted to MC3’s mission, and cared deeply for those in need of help. He and I would share tech stories while working on MC3 projects. Lynn’s dry sense of humor made conversations fun. My prayers go out to his family. I will miss our Tuesday calls, my friend. Rest in Peace. ”

Jamie Winning, Secretary:

“I was privileged to share a limited time with Lynn on his life’s journey and formed a bond where I was able to call him both colleague and friend.  I know I represent not one, but many who were influenced by Lynn’s kindness and attention to detail.  As a member of the MC3 board, we continue to see his selfless contributions to the organization and how he made our lives easy by structuring processes and procedures, setting a high standard for quality and attention to detail.  I miss him already.  My heart goes out to his family and close friends as they seek to fill a void that cannot be satisfied.  Sleep well my friend.”

Len Gross, Treasurer:

“I am terribly saddened, like everyone who knew and worked with Lynn. We worked together on projects aiding the mediation community, even prior to MC3. Lynn was a person of considerable talent and humanity who will be much missed. Our hearts go out to Lynn’s family at this painful time.”

Mariam Vartkis, Assistant Director:

“My heart is heavy, and I’m deeply saddened with the news of Lynn’s passing. I was honored to have worked closely with Lynn since early 2019 and grateful for the time shared with him, learning from him about life, his passion for mediation work and professionalism. He was a great human being with a big heart, wit, and a sense of humor. His presence will greatly be missed, but his hard work with MC3, efforts for the mediation field and endless support to everyone he worked with, will be carried on.”

Marvin Whistler, Board Member:

Lynn’s passing saddens me. I am happy to have known him.

Chris Welch, Qualifications Committee Chair and Board Member:

“Lynn was a true peacemaker. He was someone who had so much passion for the field that he dug himself deep into the weeds to see how he could help; how could he provide his own expertise to move the industry and the concept of mediation forward: the technology side, the practical side, the theoretical side. Lynn put in the work and pushed many of us in the industry further. He was a volunteer with the Center for Conflict Resolution before his involvement with MC3. As a mediator, Lynn was compassionate, considerate, professional, and effective. He could work with anyone in the community with the utmost respect and grace. As someone who runs a community based organization, I know that he was the perfect ‘community mediator’. This is a loss that will take time for me to personally process. Lynn meant a lot to me. A colleague and friend … May we all understand and recognize those peacemakers in our midst. May he rest in wonderful peace.”

Pam Struss, Board Member:

“Lynn was kind, patient, eager to help, and supportive. May he rest in peace.”

Victoria Gray, former Board Member:

“I met and worked with Lynn in the years when we were building MC3 before the launch and then in the years that followed. I found him to be tender-hearted, knowledgeable, and consistently helpful. He was responsible for the operational end of MC3 where his tech background was so helpful and important for the role he played. He spoke to most of the applicants guiding them individually through the MC3 certification process. We definitely will miss him.”

Adam Ravitch, Board Member:

“Lynn was a hardworking and committed executive director for MC3, but more importantly, he was a kind and caring person. After talking about MC3 business, our conversations would inevitably turn to our personal lives. He loved his family deeply and was committed to serving his community. I hope and pray that his loved ones might feel a measure of peace during this time of mourning by learning of the impact he had on the lives of so many, including me.”

Andy Reimer, Board Member:

“Lynn was a kind, smart, talented, thoughtful and patient man. His gentle nature and soft spoken manner didn’t immediately indicate his keen intelligence. However, Lynn’s wisdom and understanding of often quite complex matters alongside his generous character was evident in every encounter he and I had. His contributions to MC3 were enormous and I both enjoyed and benefitted greatly from the time we spent together. I will think of him often and will miss him greatly.”