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Director Job Description

Position: Director for MC3
Reports to: Vice-President, President and Board of Directors of MC3

Interested Candidates: Please submit a letter of intent, and CV or resume to

Who we are
MC3 is a non-profit organization dedicated to the field of mediation and the public it serves. MC3 is a leader in reviewing mediator credentials that reflect all aspects of what the public expects from its professionals.

We are a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization organized in 2015 under California law with a mission to ensure user and public confidence in the process of mediation by setting standards for mediator training, education, and ethical practice and by developing, implementing and maintaining those standards for mediators.  MC3-Certified Mediators are deeply engaged in the field and have a great interest in creating more formalized professional standards for mediators.

We work with organizations that provide mediation education and training, mediation services through panels, mediators who desire to hold themselves out to the public as governed by professional standards, and disputants who seek 3rd party neutral verification of mediators seeking to provide services as a professional bound by ethics codes embraced by the field.

We are committed to protecting and preserving the dignity and integrity of our field, disputants, mediators, and organizations seeking to provide mediation services.

Overview of the Position
Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the President and Vice-President, the Director is the staff person primarily responsible for the administrative processes of MC3. The successful candidate is responsible to carry out the mission of MC3 and provide supervision of the day-to-day administrative processes in accordance with the budget set by the MC3 Board of Directors.

Examples of Tasks and Essential Duties
Customer service:

  1. Management of all pre-applicant and applicant communications, including but not limited to, all communications surrounding the initial certification, renewal, and re-certification processes.
  2. Coordination with all MC3 departments as necessary to support MC3 customers and potential customers.
  3. Initiating and completing background checks on all candidates utilizing the services of our preferred vendor(s).
  4. Management of all website lists and tables that support the application process.
  5. Management of MC3-Certified Mediators Directory: profiles creation and maintenance.

Vendor relationships:
Negotiation with, and management of, all vendors servicing MC3.

MC3 Board Relations:

  1. Coordinate all MC3 monthly Board meetings and Committee meetings, including sending out the Zoom link and coordinating delivery of all Board and Committee reports and messaging to Board members to access those reports when available.
  2. Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings.

Administrative processes Management:

  1. Maintain MC3’s online files using the “Box” system.
  2. Maintain online Policies and Procedures documentation folders and files.

Supervisory Management:

MC3 has an Assistant Director in place who will report to you as Director.

Other tasks that may be requested from time to time by MC3’s Vice-President and President consistent with operating a successful online business.

Required Abilities: Respects, embraces and promotes inclusion and diversity; possesses good communication skills, both written and oral; is a good listener; has the highest ethical standards and unquestioned integrity, whose personal values and professional passions are aligned with the mission of MC3 with an emphasis on professionalism, manages competing priorities effectively and regularly; is well-organized with strong attention to detail; possesses a high degree of poise, diplomacy, and tact.

Salary and Benefits: This is a part-time position with salary that is based upon a 30 hour per month workload at $40/hour initially. Successful candidate can elevate the role to more hours as they demonstrate competency in the tasks assigned.  As a part-time position, there are no other financial or health benefits being offered.  However, the position tasks and responsibilities can be completed for the most part asynchronously and the position is based at the successful candidate’s home office.  Candidate will be required to supply and maintain all equipment needs in accordance with MC3 policies, including computer equipment, online access and related equipment and technology.

At present, the position is a telecommute position that is home office based.

The successful candidate will have

  1. College degree; graduate degree in conflict resolution a plus
  2. Excellent organizational skills;
  3. Solid written and oral skills; and
  4. Solid computer and website knowledge, including competence with Microsoft Word and Excel, or Google documents and sheets, usage of Zoom for video conferencing. Prior experience with an online application system, Constant Contact, Mailchimp a plus.
  5. Prior work experience in a licensing, certification, or trade association or similar organization is also a plus.

Interested Candidates: Please submit a letter of intent, and CV or resume to

MC3 is an Equal Opportunity Employer that respects, embraces and promotes inclusion and diversity.