The Gold Standard for Mediator Certification

Interview: Anthony Keen-Louie, Director

Anthony Keen-Louie,  MC3 Director, MC3-Certified Mediator

Video: MC3 Quality Assurance

MC3 Quality Assurance Video Presentation

MC3 Ensures User and Public Confidence in the Process of Mediation

Interview: Andy Shelby, SCMA Board

Andy Shelby
Andy Shelby, SCMA Board and MC3-Certified Mediator

In memory of Lynn Johnson

Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama,         Photo By Phil Weymouth

MC3 mourns the passing of its first Executive Director, Lynn Johnson.

MC3 Certification is provided to mediators who possess extensive mediation specific training and practical mediation experience. They must also have a commitment to comply with well-established ethical standards and a familiarity with basic litigation processes and procedures. Finally, MC3-Certified Mediators are committed to ongoing and continuous professional activity and development.

Mediation panels and other clients who hire MC3-Certified Mediators can have confidence that they’re working with professionals who have been trained and tested and who uphold the highest of practical, professional, and ethical standards in the field.

There are a variety of career experiences that mediators may rely on to receive their MC3 Certification, but all roads require the education and experience stated above. You can learn more on the Applicants section of this website.

hours of mediation-specific training

hours of experience in mediation and support activities

compliance with ethical standards

background check

quality-assurance process for alleged misconduct


Obtaining your MC3 Certification is an effective way to distinguish yourself as a mediator. You’ll be recognized for your experience and commitment to ethical practice.


Congratulations on becoming an MC3-Certified Mediator! Check here to view mediator resources, update your public profile, annually renew your Certification and Re-certify every three years.


Adopt MC3 Qualifications for your panel.  MC3-Certified Mediators have met standards beyond those often used to qualify mediators state by state, including abiding by an ethics code and passing a background check.


Looking for a qualified mediator to help resolve your dispute?  MC3-Certified Mediators are qualified under the highest of standards, and are bound by ethical codes well regarded in mediation.